Daily Post

Ava’s Best Friend

Ava and Hoober are becoming closer and more loving towards each other every day. We could take 1000’s of pictures and hours of video featuring the two of them. Ava holds Hoober’s paws, pats him and loves every second. Every time Hoober walks towards her, she lights up and gets so excited. I can’t imagine how strong the bond will grow over the next decade.




Daily Post

Princess Ava

Our little angel is 6 1/2 months old and continues to become cuter and sweeter every day. Ava is eating some solid food every day for breakfast and dinner and trying lots of yummy new food prepared by Christine. As of Friday 2/9 our little girl is sleeping in her crib all night for the 1st time in her short existence.

Here is Ava on our new couch.


Daily Post

Happy Ava

Every day Ava is changing and becoming more interactive and smiley and just a incredible joy. We have plenty of small hardships but the entire experience of becoming new parents has been amazing… Ava is making more and more eye contact and smiling and even started reaching for things. Ava actually rolled over yesterday during tummy time and I can’t wait to catch it on video. We are both loving every moment of this and looking forward to many milestones.




Daily Post

Happy 2 Month B-Day

Ava is two months and time is really flying and she is rapidly changing. She is becoming more and more vocal every day and just becoming cuter and sweeter. Happy 2 month bday our little angel.


Daily Post

Ava changing quickly

Ava is changing so much day to day. Things are getting easier and more fun each and every day. Ava is smiling more and making tons of eye contact with is and toys. We are loving every second of being parents and feel incredibly blessed with Ava and our lives.