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Ava, Grandpa and the Blackhawks

Grandpa dropped by to see Ava tonight and she was in the middle of a late nap. Ava woke up at the start of game 7 of the Blackhawks and Redwings so we ordered a Pizza and we all enjoyed watching Ava’s 1st hockey game.




Daily Post

Amazing Ava

We are loving being parents to our little angel. She continues to grow and change every day.

Here is my new favorite picture that Christine took before they went to their first infant massage class.


Daily Post

12 weeks!!!!

Ava is 12 weeks and changing every day. Ava has become quite the Chatty Cathy and tries talking all day long. She is sleeping better and also sitting alone in the bouncy chair and entertaining herself for 5-15 minutes. We are enjoying every moment and taking tons of pictures. Family came over this past Saturday for chili and Ava got to hang with her cousin Jasmine.

Check out this video of Ava talking up a storm.