Daily Post

St. Louis

Over the Labor Day weekend, we drove down to St. Louis. This was the first long rode trip for Ava. She was a natural traveller. Ava slept and played and did not cry or fuss once! Mama and dada took turns sitting in the back with her, which helped.
We spent time with Aunt Betsy, Uncle Tim, cousins Dola, Miranda, Evan, Erin, Amani and Jasmine.
Erin made an amazing cake for my birthday! It was amazing!
It was an extremely hot weekend, but we were all troopers and spent time outside.
Fishing, train rides, jumping on the trampoline and going for family walks were a few things we enjoyed.
We were able to enjoy grill Sunday! Ava loved Aunt Betsy’s chicken. We have made it twice since we’ve been home.
We are going to try and make this an annual family trip.