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Come on Spring

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Spring can't get here quick enough and I am sick and tired of the cold and the short days. I mentioned a few posts ago that I have become a runner or better yet I am trying to become a runner. Over the last month I have started doing one of my life's most dreaded tasks and that is running more than a couple miles and I am absolutely hooked and loving it. My 1st run on the January 24th was 4.5 miles and in the last month of running a couple times a week for distance and interval work at the gym I just completed 7.6 miles at a little under a 9 minute mile this past Saturday. I have been working out like a champ and really getting addicted to the running and the runners high is a real thing. I can't wait for it to get warm outside so I can really enjoy it plus throw in some biking as well.

The last week has been very busy since I got back from India, I started with a run Saturday after I got home from India and Sunday was a full day that started with a 5 mile run with Christine and a great brunch at Zed451 and after getting shut out of Yogen Fruz since they were closed we went to Red Mango but it was just mediocre. Monday night since the weather so nice we decided to grill some Chilean Sea Bass and roasted some veggies plus enjoyed some amazing stone crabs from Dirk's. Tuesday I kicked ass with a 7 mile run and Wednesday was a fun night at the Black Hawks game followed by meeting Sol and a friend at Old Town Social Club for some cheese and wine.

Thursday night I went to dinner at Mastro's with my dad for my second time and it was as good as the first with PJ and Ari. We drank and enjoyed some amazing food that started with some Oysters and Tuna Tare Tare and my dad had a steak and I had the rack of lamb. We had our usual great time and got into a fun ball breaking conversation about racquetball and it got pretty heated in a fun way and we decided to play Friday morning to once and for all see who is better and of course he bailed with some lame text excuse in the morning. At the end of the night my dad decided to walk home so I decided to walk home also since it was so nice and enjoyed a 4 mile walk and a 60 degree night. The walk was great and I was feeling goo and in such a good mood and I stopped by Lockdown for a quick hello

This past weekend started Saturday with my longest run of 7.6 miles, we took a cab to Navy Pier and ran to the start of LSD one way which was awesome, besides some cramping under my rib I felt great. Had Toast for brunch and Saturday night we met Pete and Grace at Bob San for some Sushi followed by a visit to Salud Tequila Lounge which was really cool and gthe drinks were really good. Sunday was a busy day also that started with Bikram Yoga then a trip out to my new favorite Asian market H Mart which seemed better than the one in Arlington heights and much closer. After H Mart we headed to Evanston to see Biutiful staring Javier Bardem which was an excellent movie but not really what I expected and a tad long but very interesting and well done.

Lockdown is getting busier every week and we just had our best weekend yet and February is one of the slowest months in the restaurant business. Sol and PJ are kicking ass and we are looking forward to spring and getting more outside seating approved and set up. Busy busy and feeling great and working hard on some great projects for 2011.

Wow that was quite long.... Till Next Time!!!!!