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Pizano’s Pizza Chicago

Friday, April 9th, 2010
Pizano's Pizza 64 North State Street, Chicago (312) 751-1766 Well I finally made it after all these years of hearing how good the pizza is at Pizano's.   We walked in and the place is so Old School Chicago I really loved it before even trying the food,  we had about a 5 minute wait around 9:30 on a Friday night which was great.  Looking around at all the Chicago pictures and old Michael Jordan and Bulls pictures and famous people who had been there was really awesome and reminded me how awesome Chicago is and how rich our past is.  We got seated and ordered a Salad and Medium thin crust,  the salad came out and it was really one of the best chopped salads I have had in Chicago and reminded me of Gibson's Garbage salad but better.  The pizza came out and it was awesome,  if you know Lou's and how good that crust is you will love Pizano's since the crust is similar but way better and crispy and thin.   Super high marks for this place from me and I plan to go back and enjoy many more times in the future.