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Whirl Wind India trip

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

So I just got back from the craziest travel week of my life as far as distance and travel verse time spent at destination.  I left Monday night on the 7th for New Delhi India for my very good friends wedding that was taking place on Wednesday night.  I flew 9 hours to Heathrow with a 5 hour layover followed by another 9 hour flight to Delhi to arrive Wednesday morning at 1:30am.  I slept for a couple hours and woke up to hit the gym at the hotel followed by a nice run around the streets of Delhi and the run was much more interesting runs than am used to.  I spent the afternoon hitting a few markets and some places I always go for some of my favorite foods and I needed a belt for my suit plus a quick hair trim for the wedding.   The wedding was great and it was awesome to meet Nav's family and Garima's family and many of their friends.  The food was amazing and the night was awesome and Navneet was grateful for me making the journey.

Thursday morning I woke up super early for an 8am flight to Mumbai to see the girls and after a 2hr flight and a hot shitty taxi ride I made it the Gate of India and the Taj Mahal hotel to meet them at our usual spot.  They were so happy to see me and I was also very happy to see them.  It had been over a year since I saw them on my last trip and I was shocked by how much Rhoni and Ashwani had grown.  I have known them all for the last 7 years and the 2 youngest were only around 3-4 years old and now they are 10 and 11.  We spend the afternoon together with a visit to the Hanging Gardens and a visit to the beach followed by a great lunch for the 5 girls and myself.  After lunch we went to the market to buy some new bangles for Rhoni since she was the only one with bare wrists and everyone ended up getting some new ones.   As always they took the the long Taxi ride to the airport with me and we spent some time outside drinking milkshakes and finishing our visit which was way shorter than usual but worth the effort.  The girls are all doing great and Kanti is actually married and hopefully the older 2 will find someone and be married soon.  The 2 youngest girls are doing well and excelling in  school and growing up so fast.

I got back to Delhi around midnight Thursday night and had a 7am flight back to Heathrow with another 5hr layover and then 9 hours to O'hare.  Crazy trip but I will have to say that I have new favorite Airline,  British Airways is awesome and the business class seats made the trip bearable and the lounge in London was amazing with a incredible spread of food and drink.

Till next time