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Vegas Baby!!!! Fishing with Poppa Hoob

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010
I have had a busy couple weeks and I always forget that the month of December always turns out to be quite a bit of traveling for me.  I had a great time in Vegas with the Chesterfield 4 and their significant others.   It was a spur of the moment trip that came about while drinking the Friday Night after Thanksgiving and pushing Betsy to join her friends and cheer them on while they ran the Rock & Roll Half Marathon and I ended up volunteering to join her to make it easier for her to go.  I Met them Saturday afternoon at New York New York and started with a little gambling then we all went to dinner at the Italian Restaurant at the hotel so the runners could get a big pasta dinner in.  After dinner the non runners, Betsy, Kerry and Kathy and myself  hopped in a taxi and went to the Palms and when up the Playboy Club and had a good time and I actually did pretty good playing some BlackJack and had a few drinks there followed by some time at the Buddha Club for some more drinks outside with an awesome view of the Strip.  We then headed back to NY NY and hit up the piano bar and the girls got up and sang and danced and had a fun time.  We ended up losing Kathy after the piano bar and the 3 of us hopped in a taxi and went downtown to Binions and plays some BJ and gambled a little there for a bit and on the way back home we stopped at OG's and got home around 4am I will leave it at that =) Sunday morning we woke up and went to the finish line and cheered the runner on for the finish followed by lunch and nap.  We all started the night at Bellagio for dinner and then went for some cheap gambling at Circus Circus and then more back at NY NY.  The whole trip was a lot of fun and Betsy enjoyed her second trip to Vegas. I got back to Chicago and worked the rest if the week and then went to Islamorada in the Florida Keys to do a few days of fishing with my dad.  We landed in Fort Lauderdale and grabbed a rental car and our 1st stop was Joe's for some yummy Stone Crab and a couple drinks and then we drove out to the Keys and checked into the Cheeca Lodge.  We woke up early Sunday morning and grabbed breakfast at a local cafe and then met Captain Chris at the marina to do some fishing in the back country.  We started out with a long cold ride to get to the spot he wanted to start at and we started fishing for trout and Red Fish and some other shallow water fish.  We had a great day that ended with catching about 100 fun Red Fish that were practically jumping in the boat.  Without exaggerating even a little we would hook a fish with every cast and when we all casted at the same time we would reel in 3 fish at the same time.  Fun trip with my dad and we ended up only fishing the one day because the wind and the cold decided for us that we were not meant to fish anymore.  We ate some great food and relaxed and enjoyed some time hanging and ofcourse playing on our Iphones together. Well that is to for now,  till next time