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Thanksgiving 2010 plus

Monday, November 29th, 2010
I have not been crazy busy the last few weeks with anything special besides working out a ton.  I am on the best routine I have been on in years and feeling better than ever and seeing changes I have never seen,  I am working out at 10am about 6 days a week and PJ laughs at me since I am excited like a kid seeing gains for the 1st time.  I am enjoying it and going to stay focused and continue to work at it and feel good and get stronger. I had a really nice Thanksgiving that started Wednesday night with me cooking my 1st traditional Thanksgiving dinner for my mom and Myron.  I bought a fresh turkey at Fox & Obel plus everything else I needed for my cooking and I bought a few things already prepared.  I made the Turkey, Green Bean Casserole and sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows and I bought stuffing and gravy and cranberries.   Everything actually came out fantastic and my mom and Myron has a really nice time spending Thanksgiving with me and Hoober at my apartment.   I made quite a bit of food so Phil and Sol came over around 9:00 and helped finish off most of what was left since I was heading to St Louis for Turkey Day #2 with Betsy and the kids. Headed out 1st thing Thursday morning and drove to St Louis with Hoober and got to Betsy's around 2:30,  had an awesome day with Evan and Erin and we brought Hoober to the Tennis courts to run around with Ella.  I have to say that one of the best parts of the trip was Hoober and Ella playing together nonstop for every second.  We had a really nice dinner Thursday prepared by Jeff and it was great enjoying Thanksgiving with Betsy and her family.  Friday started with Betsy, Kerry and myself all going to the JCC to work out and that was great to get aways and still make it to the gym and then we met some of Betsy's friends at the tennis courts with their dogs and kids and they all played and the pooches had a great time.  Friday around 3 it was time for PSR which is when all the neighbors get together for wine and we started drinking and eating appetizers and pretty much drank all night long and come to think about it,  we never really ate.  Jeff kept bringing up Single Malt Scotches for me to try and by the end of the night I was pretty crunked.   Hoober was so amazing with the dogs and so many kids and I am so super happy with how great he is.  I drover home Saturday and went to dinner and out for a bit at Sunda followed by a very lazy Sunday. Well that is about it and I may be going to Vegas with Betsy and her friends Saturday followed by a fishing trip to the Keys with my dad the following weekend.  New Pics posted from Thanksgiving