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Back from Colombia

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Got back from Colombia Saturday the 8th and right back in the flow of things,  the weather sucks and it is cold but what can you do.   Picked up Hoober Sunday morning and spent the day chilling with him, it was great to see him and he is huge.

The 2 week trip to Colombia was fantastic and we enjoyed every aspect of the trip,  This was different than most and we spent all our time in two cities and really settled in instead of hopping around trying to see as many places as we can in two weeks.  We spent 6 days in Medellin and 7 days in Cartagena and loved both cities very much.  We pretty much followed the same routine each day with sleeping late and waking up and getting some lunch followed by a couple hours at the pool or beach and we actually played tennis about 7 days and it was great to get some exercise.  Each day around 6 we would go chill in the room for a couple hours and then get ready for the night.  Every night we went to a new cool restaurant and had some amazing food,  we ate enough shrimp and different ceviches to last a life time.  We also had some amazing fish dishes plus some really tasty steaks during the trip.   After dinner each day we then went to different bars and clubs and drank and hung out and talked to people till late night and cabbed it back to the hotel to crash and get ready to do it again.

Everyone warned us that Colombia was dangerous and I have to say that it was not at all and the people were warm and friendly and we never felt uncomfortable or worried in the least.  I look forward to more trips to South America in the future,  Brazil is on the list plus Argentina and Uruguay and Chile being high in the list and of course my dream trip to the galapagos islands one day with the right person.  Some pictures will be posted under new galleries shortly.

Till next time