The Goodness Page

This page is going to be dedicated to some of the things I am most proud of in my life and that is being good to people. I plan to have this page tell the full story of the family in India PJ and I help out and share info on the 4 or 5 trips to Mumbai and the time spent with the family and the impact the help we have given has had. I may even set this page up to take some donations to help us do some more good things and help more people here and around the world. I hope to also share some info on what the Tsai Family has done in the Philippines and how they have built over 50 homes for poor families on got them off the street. While PJ and I were visiting them we got to witness the amazing things they have done and we were so inspired we donated money to the cause and they built a library in the Tsai Village in our names. It is so easy to help people yet most people just go through their lives and don't really pay attention and only worry about themselves. I know how good it feels to give and we hope to share more with everyone and get them involved. Here are some Pictures of the Goodness so far over the last 4 years Goodness Gallery We are finally getting close to launching the Mosaic Of Goodness.   Get ready to share in the Goodness Check out the site and I will be letting everyone know when are ready to start taking donations and Launch Zoom in on the Mosaic and check out how Cool =)