What a year!!!

Well the last year has been beyond crazy and I can't believe I have not posted here in the last year. I will have to say that having a child is the single greatest thing I have ever done in my life. I will all is say that is hardest greatest thing ever. Christine and I could no be happier being parents to our little angel Ava and we are loving every minute with her. We never imagined our lives would change as much as they have but we are hoping to claim a little of it back as she gets a little older. Quick recap of the last year and I hope to post more regularly so I don't fall this far behind. Ava just turned a year and it has been great but also very hard on us, she is a very happy baby all day but she is not the best sleeper. Christine and I have become attachment parents and we did not even know what that is. You can catch up on the 1st year of Ava's love at Babyjacobs.com We have not done much traveling during the last year besides a quick trip to Salt Lake for Amy's graduation and Christine went to Louisiana to visit Danny before he was deployed to Afghanistan. Business is going well at Phil's Last Stand and Lockdown is doing great. I acquired Coast To Coast Tickets last November and things are going well with getting the SEO back on track. PJ and I have gotten back into the inventory game as of early July and we are both pretty excited to get back on top of ticket industry as well. I could write all night to try to catch up with the last year but lets leave it at this.... Since Ava was born, our lives have been a very busy sleepless blur. We are looking forward to getting back to our old selves as she gets a little older. Check back for more current updates here

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