Progress 87%-Days To Go 37

I really can't believe that I am going to be a father in less than 6 weeks. Christine and I are doing great and the baby is a little gymnast all day and night and driving Christine nuts while trying to sleep. We have been really busy going to classed at NW and also packing getting ready to move June 30th. We have been plenty busy with dinners and movies and even snuck on a Cubs game and Vince Vaughn at Chicago Theater. Nothing really compares to the anticipation we are both feeling as the count down to the big day creeps closer. I am sure there are tons of things I could fill this post with but I just going to say Holy Moly we are going to parents very soon. We don't know the sex but I am pretty sure it is a girl and Christine is positive that we are having a boy. We both will be thrilled no matter what and we can't wait to get moved in our new place and get it all set up for the baby. Well that is it for now and get ready for much more baby news and info and pictures soon,

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