Baby On Board and Phil’s Last Stand

Well the amazing year just keeps on getting better and better. Christine and I found out we are pregnant and due August 1st and we are thrilled and can't wait to be parents. I am thinking about writing a book called from 39 and single to 40 married with a kid. Things have been great and busy since Phil's Last Stand opened February 2nd and I have been putting in a ton of hours and affecting Christine's sleep schedule but things have quickly settled down and business is great and we have a solid team keeping the place running through the night. Between all the craziness we have found some time for movies and a couple nice dinners and even spent the weekend with Amy when she came in to surprise Christine at Cirque. I have not had a ton of time to see friends but I have some great visitors to the stand from Ed, Julie and the boys to Scottie G and Gary, Lyssa and the boys. I am very excited for 2012 and all the great things going on and especially the baby coming. Christine and I have been enjoying everything since the wedding and the 1st 6 months of marriage have been wonderful. Well that is is for now and I will hopefully be updating more.

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