Two Marathons In A Month

Well 2011 is going to go down as the year of me making some pretty big changes and so far they have all been for the better. As everyone knows it started with a new relationship that turned into a awesome engagement followed by a fantastic wedding in Mexico and Chicago party. Also in 2011 I started running with Christine in early February and for a pretty lazy Jew Boy from the North Shore that never ran more than 4 miles in my life I somehow have completed 5 Half Marathons and a handful of other fun runs from 5k's to 10 milers Etc... I also can't believe it but I ran 2 full Marathons within a month that started with Chicago as my 1st Marathon on October 8th and I just ran NYC Marathon November 6th. I feel great and I am so happy that I ran them but I should have trained much better for NYC but was not really sure how much rest I needed after Chicago. I am happy to say that I finished NY but around mile 18 my legs totally failed on me and I struggled ran really slow with a funny limp the last 6 miles. Another big change going on this year is we are opening up a new restaurant on Chicago Avenue and it is the life long dream Hot Dog Stand. We are opening up Phil's Last Stand and it is going to be a combination of Poochie's and The Wiener Circle serving Char Dogs, Polish, Burgers, Char Salami, Mac & Cheese, Fresh Cut Fries and Fresh Made Fried Shrimp. We are in the middle of remodeling and adding granite counter tops and a few new windows and we should be open early December with the best late night fast food around. Well that is about it, married life is great and I wish winter was not coming. Till Next Time

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