Working and Running

So the week after the marathon was a little bit of a dull downer week as Christine warned be about, it seems that after such a build up and training and feeling so high after completing such a huge task that you kinda come down and feel a little depressed. I have been reading some books written by Ultra Marathoners and you can see why after they finish these long runs that they are always looking forward to the next one. I am going to try to run the NYC Marathon with Christine 11/6 and hopefully I can finish as strong or stronger than Chicago. I ran the Rock 'N' Roll Half marathon this past Sunday in St louis and after taking two weeks off from running it was much harder than I thought but we actually finished with our best time yet of 1:53 and maybe should not have been drinking the night before. Married life is great and the weekend in Chesterfield was so much fun and Hoober had the best time ever that started with 5 mile morning run with Tine followed but 5 hours playing with Ella and then a hard hour of swimming in the creek behind Betsy's house. We are busy with the new venture of opening up Phil's Last Stand on Chicago and Oakley and getting ready to give the Wiener Circle a run for the money for late night Char Dogs. Till Next Time

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