Chicago Marathon 2011

I completed the Marathon and I am happy to say I survived and loved it. I had a goal in my mind of finishing the race under 4:15 and I came in a little over a minute under my goal. I was given advise to start the run out slow and I think I did a pretty good job staying at a comfortable pace and I am proud of myself for sticking exactly to my plan for drinking my fluids and taking my salt tabs. Christine joined me at mile 13.3 and ran to 25.5 with me and it was a huge boost and besides for the last 3 miles I felt pretty damn good for the entire race. In my entire life I never thought I could finish a full marathon or even attempt it and I have proved to myself that I can do anything and my body is way more capable than I thought. I started running in early February and had never run over 4 miles before that and I may have only run 4 once and since that 1st 5 1/2 mile run with Christine I have completed 4 Half Marathons the soldier field 10 and a bunch of 5K, 8k and 10K's plus as of Sunday I completed my 1st Full Marathon. During training a few times I said that once I complete Chicago I will not be doing any more Marathons and really like Half's instead but 2 days after finishing I am already looking forward to completing another Full. I am working on getting a BIB for NYC 11/6 and planning on running it with Christine. Well I am not sure how long I will have the running bug but I am going to take advantage of it while I do. Not much more to report but lots of interesting things coming soon....

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