11 days to 26.2

Well if you would have asked me a year ago if I would ever run a Full Marathon I would have said Hell No and I would have also said running was dumb and too hard on the body and I would not even consider a Half Marathon in my future.  Shit if you would have asked me if there was a chance I would be happily married in 2011 I would have said No Chance.  Well here I am 11 days from running the Chicago Full Marathon and happily married.  I have run 4 Half Marathons since spring and just did a supported 2o miler on the lake 2 weeks ago.  I am looking forward to running a week from Sunday and also a little nervous,  I believe I am in good enough shape but I have foot issues and felt all kinds of new pains from 17-20 miles during my longest run yet but I am sure my next post will be of me boasting about finishing the full 26.2 miles and pushing myself further than I have very pushed physically in my life.  I have to thank Christine for training with me and teaching me tons about prepping and eating right for these longs runs.  I am a little sad she is not running Chicago with me but excited she will be cheering me on and may run the last 6-10 with me to help me keep up my pace.  I am actually reading running magazines and listening to audible books by DEAN KARNAZES the ultra marathon guy.  OH what a difference a year makes Things have been great since all the wedding stuff passed and Christine and I are settling into our new life together very smooth besides being a little short on closet space.  We have been cooking quite a bit at home and I have actually been helping with making some salads such as Pasta, Egg and Tuna for our lunches and we have been making lots of brown rice as well.  Couple nice dinners out along the way and we never miss a great brunch on the weekends.  Hoober is doing great and really maturing into a great dog,  he has been out of the crate for over a month without one issue with him chewing or being bad in any way.   Couple food highlights of the month were Gilt Bar, ROKA and few of the regular spots. That is it for now

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