Married, Running, Busy and Happy

Well things have been very busy since since the wedding and trying to get in the swing of things.  We started looking for a new place to love but decided that we are going to stay at my house for a year and save some money and figure out where we want to live and buy next year. Couple highlights the last few weeks would be Navneet returned from San Fran and we enjoyed a few days in Chicago showing him around.  We took him to Kitsch'N in Roscoe Village for brunch and then went to Natalia's bowling part in Oakpark and nav bowled for his 1st time followed by more shopping and late night dinner at India House.  We took Nav to the airport Sunday and Christine and I ran my longest run on the lake that started at my dads and we ran 15 miles.  The running has continued and Christine has been a huge help running with me and I am not sure I could do these long runs without her,  we ran 16 hard trail miles in Palos Heights this last Sunday.   We have enjoyed some nice dinner at home and out over the last couple weeks and pretty much just trying to settle into married life.  Christine is busy with the school year starting and I am busy with LookLocalNow and my other small projects. That is it for now.  Till Next time!!!

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