2 Weeks and I am going to be Married!!!!!!!!

Wow I can't believe how fast the last month has gone between summer fun and wedding and party planning and working the month has flown by.   We have been very busy planning Mexico for the Wedding and the Chicago party that is happening 8/13 downtown.  I am very excited to get married and also very excited to put all this planning and spending behind us and get back to normal life.   Here is a quick run down of some things that have been going on the last month,  we have taken lots of trips to the beach and park with Hoober and he is having a great summer besides wearing down his back pads with so much running and activity and has to take a small break.  We went camping over the 4th of July weekend near Galina and came back and watched the fireworks in Wilmette. Lots of dinners and a couple BBQ's and got to try out a new place called Quay and even snuck in a night at Cirque Ovo with my dad and Janice.   This weekend we have a wedding shower for Christine to meet a bunch of my relatives hosted by my Sister and my Mom at Jilly's.  Next weekend it is Bachelor party weekend with all my boys taking me to Lake Geneva for a couple days of fun and Tine is going out with all the girls for her fun night.  Then it is off to Mexico to tie the Knot with 39 friends and a family with a big Chicago party the following weekend. Well that is a little catch up for now and life is about to get very very interesting and we are adding a new Jacobs to ChicagoJacobs.   Until next time!!!

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