Come on Summer!!!!!!

I really wish summer would get here so we can enjoy Chicago.   Last couple weeks have been busy with all kinds of good things from I ran the Soldier Field 10 with Tine on the 28th and it was super hard and I need to train much harder.  Went to Pete and Grace's for a Memorial Day BBQ which was a lot of fun and I brought Hoober and he was great with the kids and funny to watch him on the Slip-n-Slide.  We ran around pretty good the last couple weeks and took care of registering for the wedding and picked out the spot for the Chicago Party,  saw a couple movies and a snuck in a few dinners.   We went to Turk's and Caicos to plan our Destination wedding and had a nice but very busy weekend meeting photographers and looking at hotels and after all that we came home and decided to do Mexico instead for the big day.

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