Chicago Weather Blows

This may down at the worst spring I can remember and that makes it no fun to run and hard to enjoy Hoober or get him the exercise a nutty Lab needs.   As per usual life has been very busy and I am not posting nearly enough to stay on top of what is going on.  The  last couple weeks have been busy with a trip out to the burbs to see Scottie G's new house and for Tine to meet Scott, Lauren and Emily.  I ran my second Half Marathon on the 15th with Tine and Colleen in some very miserable weather and not feeling great but I beat my time by a few minutes and very happy I did it.   We have been busy between some wedding stuff and working out and trying to get out for dinners and trying to watch the Bulls Playoffs. We went to Salt Lake City for Amy's graduation and had a nice weekend with Tine's family and celebrated the graduation.

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