Never Enough Time

There is just not enough time to get everything done that you would like, between working out in the morning and running and errands and friends and work and puppy and just every day life it is very hard to get it all in. Seems like I am always on the go and trying to fit everything in and also keep everyone happy. I actually spent a couple days in bed with the flu which hardly ever happens and it sucked but did give me some time to catch up on a few shows and get some much needed rest. Saturday the 30th was a busy one that started off with a 5K for the Chicago police followed with meeting Betsy and my dad at my cousin Miranda's new apartment in Oak Park and having lunch with Miranda, Dola and my Aunt Louie. It was really nice to catch up with them and see the new place and Amani and we also celebrated my dads 70th B-day and my Engagement. We went to dinner with Betsy, Janice and my dad to celebrate his birthday at a Shabu Shabu restaurant followed by drinks with Tine and Betsy at LD on the way home. Sunday Tine and I drove to Kenosha to do some shooting at a cool outdoor gun range followed by one of my favorite salads at Saluto's in Gurnee and saw Fast 5 in the Evanston on the way back to the city. Been pretty busy since that weekend with back and forth to Tine's and my place and Did some Bikram and ordered in Andie's one night. Friday the 6th we went to Bikram followed by Mana Food Bar, We ran the Cinco De Miler Saturday morning which was an 8K race that we actually ran 3.5 miles to get to the race and then went to Bite with Sol and I watched the Pacman fight Saturday night. Sunday we went to my moms with Bagels and Lox for mothers day followed by a cruise out to Libertyville to the super cool dog park with Hoober and back home to grill some Tuna. Monday night we went to Carnivalle for dinner and Tuesday I we ran 10 miles to get ready for the Half in Schaumburg we are doing Sunday and the run was super hard for me but glad we did it. Well that is it till next Time

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