Huge Week and Big News

Well April 15th started very early and went to a 6:30am Bikram class followed by breakfast at Jam on Damen and then picked up Sol and he drove us to Ohare for a flight to Paris. After a short layover in Newark we continue on to Paris and arrived at 8am Saturday morning and took the Metro to Hotel Costes and checked in and dropped our bags and freshened up. We then went for a walk and enjoyed a crepe while I slow rolled it to MonteMare where I had a surprise waiting at Sacre Coeur. I had arranged a small blanket and a picnic to be waiting for us that was set by a photographer, Christine and I casually walked up to the main lawn where I proceeded to lead her to the blanket and right away she knew what was going on. We sat down and the two guys started taking pictures like crazy paparazzi's and we both got very nervous, they were actually suppose to be in the distance but I guess that got lost in translation. Well to make a long story short, I got on one knee and proposed to Christine and on a 70 degree day in Paris at Sacre Coeur we got engaged. We had an amazing week in Paris with tons of walking and seeing the sites, we ate like crazy and the weather was beyond perfect. We took a side trip to Amsterdam via train and had a fun time but could have done without the extra travel on such a short trip. Back to Paris where we rented bikes and rode around the entire city saw all the sites from Notre Dame and Muse d'Orsay and the Eiffel Towel and plenty of shopping. The last night went to saw Moulin Rouge late show and both enjoyed it and then an early flight back to Chicago. We came home for a quick repack and headed to Salt Lake City to visit Tine's family for the weekend. Got to Salt Lake and relaxed a bit and had some food prepared by Mrs Lim and spent the night getting to know everyone. Saturday morning we woke up an ran a 5K that was really hard after a week of traveling and eating and the high altitude and hills didn't help but we did pretty good anyways. After the race we cleaned up and went hiking for the afternoon in the mountains of Salt Lake City followed by a trip to Park City for some shopping and snacks and whiskey and High West Brewery and Restaurant. We then headed back to Salt Lake for dinner and pretty early to bed. Woke up Sunday for brunch and then headed to the airport for the flight back to Chicago. Crazy Crazy Crazy......... I am super happy and the week was perfect. I have put up a few galleries of new pictures. Till Next Time


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