Marathon Plus Lots Of Catching Up

Way too much time has passed since my last update and I am going to try my best to document the last month or so. I have been super busy between working out and working and trying to get ready for the Chicago Lincoln Park Half Marathon. The quick run down of the last month has been tons of dinners from Benny's Chop House with Sol, Ron and the girls to Roy's, Mixteco, Solga, Ed Debic's and many other nice nights out and even a couple nights of BBQ's. I have been doing Bikram Yoga a couple nights a week and running along the lake plus Interval training at the gym to get ready for 13.1 miles. I had a short but great trip to Beaver Creek and Vail to Ski for a couple days and had and amazing time and got to have lunch with Frank in Denver on the way back to the airport. I have been spending a lot of time with Christine and enjoying my new found love for running. Marcus and Susanna came to town for a weekend visit and we met them at Mastro's for dinner with PJ, Seth and Paul and had an amazing meal and caught up with some great friends. I met Marcus and Susanna Sunday at Zed451 for brunch and spent a little more time before they went back to Houston. On the 21st my sister came in town with the kids and stayed at my house all week and I got to enjoy a few fun nights our plus spent the day with Evan and my dad taking the train around the city while Betsy, Erin and my mom went for lunch at American Girl. The last month has been very busy and I have been all over the city. March 27th was the big day for the Half Marathon and it was freezing cold, we got to Lincoln Park at 7:30am and thank god Christine ran with me since I don't think I would have done nearly as well without that push. I had only been running for 7 weeks and 2 weeks before the race I hurt my foot on my 1st 10 mile run and was forced to rest it for 2 weeks before the race. I finished the Half in 1:56 and it kicked my ass from start to finish but the last 2 miles were really the worst. Way too much stuff has transpired to catch up in detail so I am just going to blurt it all out to get caught up. Went indoor climbing in Naperville, lots of running and dinners all around town from another dinner at Mastros with Tine and Francine, Bone Fish with my mom, Solga for Korean bbq, Acre in Andersonville, West Town Tavern and a bunch of other places. Enjoyed a game night at my house with Christine, Grace and Pete and went to a group workout at Redefined Fitness. Has a warm couple of days and took Hoober to Montrose beach and he had a blast. Well I know this post was a total mess but I want to get the last month or so out there. Till next time

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