Great few weeks

So the last few weeks have been busy and fun with lots going on. Took a trip to St Louis for Meredith's 40th B-day which was a lot of fun and even though the drive stunk a little but with Hoober it was well worth it to see Betsy and the kids and the party was a blast. I have been busy going out to dinner and enjoying the last few weeks with dinners all across the board from Moto 10 course tasting to Sunda and Hub51 and Mia Francesca's and a bunch of other places. Beyond my normal working out I have been working out with Sergio and actually getting into some running as well. I ran the furthest ever 2 weeks ago and outside for 5 miles followed by last Monday with 5.5 miles and this past Friday I did 6 miles at EBC on the track. I signed up for the Chicago Marathon and as much as I hated running, I am actually loving it and the feeling after.

Chicago had the worst blizzard last week on the last 3 years and LSD was shut down for 2 days and the Schools were closed but I made the best of it with a day at Alpine snow boarding. Overall things have been great with a few good movies and lots of fun. I am heading to India tonight for Navneets wedding and the actual wedding should be amazing but the trip is pretty hard for just a couple days in New Delhi.

Much more to write and share but will do when I get some time during this week of Solo traveling.


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