Getting Dark Too Early

I really hate that it is getting dark so early but we were very lucky with some of the best October and November weather I can remember.  I really have enjoyed some nice fall days taking Hoober to the park and rollerblading and trying to savor it before we are knee deep in snow and freezing. I have been busy with the usual work stuff and spending some time at Lockdown but not much new going on with business and things are good.  Couple highlights from the last couple weeks would be a very fun party for Sergio's 40th and Krista did an awesome job putting together a very fun surprise party for him at Sub51 last Saturday night.  We all got there around 6ish and I brought a Harley Davidson cake that Krystin made that was really good,  Sergio was surprised and we had a awesome night of good food and the usual too much to drink and lots of dancing and fun.   Went to Mastro's for dinner with Ari, Sol and PJ and had a fantastic steak dinner and the place was as good as all the reviews I have heard.  Had a very nice dinner with my dad at Volare that was really good and it had been too long since the last time we were out. This past Saturday was the Chesterfield 4 birthday visit for Betsy's friend Kathy and it started with me picking up Betsy in Vernon Hills and getting to say hi to the entire Blieberg family and it was really nice to see everyone and Stacy's new baby.   After I picked up Betsy, we drove to meet the girls at the Signature Room for a couple drinks and then we went to my house to change and get ready.  We headed to Lockdown around 6 for dinner and drinks and had a fun time drinking wine and letting everyone taste lots of different food and even got the girls to do a few shots.  We hung out for a long time and my Dad and Janice showed up around 11 and we all went to Martini Club on Belmont and Central which is a huge amazing Polish Night Club owned by Kevin Killerman and a partner that Sergio got us hooked up at.  We got seated up in the VIP area and ordered some drinks and as the night went on we all started exploring and dancing and drinking in the different rooms.  We had a really great time and stayed till a little after 2am and then went home and crashed out.  Everyone was slow moving Sunday morning and I drove Betsy to the Bat Mitzvah party and then came back and went to Bite for brunch with the girls and then they hit the road. Well that is it for a little catch up.  I have some new Galleries up from Sergio's and the Chesterfield 4 night.  Till next time

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