Perfect October Weather

We have hit a patch of the most amazing weather and it may be the best week of the year with blue skies and 75 degrees for the last week.  I have been pretty busy working and spending some fun time with Hoober since he got back from training and I moved into a new place 2 blocks from Lockdown on Haddon.   I love the new place besides not having enough closet space but the layout and loft upstairs and big deck plus fenced in yard is perfect for Hoober and I. Hoober has been enjoying the good weather with plenty of long walks, some roller blading and a bunch of trips to doggy beach.  I also took him to a very cool dog park in Libertyville I used to take Sabre to.  I have been spending some time at the bar with Sol and PJ and things are really starting to pick up and we are super steady with every week getting busier and better.  The food at Lockdown is the best and most consistent it has ever been and we are growing and getting better everyday. Couple great days over the last couple weeks with my friends and there kids,  couple good movies and a couple great dinner.   Went to a private dinner cooked by a chef I know at Bittersweet for 40 people and it was really good,  I also picked up a cancelation at Girl And The Goat while trying to get a table for next week and went with Sol and it was really good.  Well that is about it and I am hoping the weather continues to stay nice. Till Next Time


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