Good Times and New Changes

Well it has been a couple weeks since I posted and I have not been keeping track as well as I should and my memory is not so hot these days.  Things have been going very well at Lockdown and business is getting better and much more steady,  we have done a lot of work and gotten things really organized and launched a bunch of new menu items and redid the entire menu to look better and it is much easier to navigate.  We have added more capability to watch more sports by switching to DirectTV and also upgraded our system to be able to watch up to 7 different things on our TV's.  Our food is the best it has been and things keep on improving and getting better every week and Sol is doing a great job leading and teaching us this industry. Besides the usual dinner out and regular life stuff I will catch up on some of the bigger things.  Hoober went away on the 13th for 2 weeks of puppy training with the same lady that trained Eddie's dog Jordy and he just got back Saturday and he is so much better and actually very well behaved for a 4 month old puppy.  I spent a couple hours with the trainer to learn how to keep it up and I plan to work with everyday and I am going to have a very well behaved dog for the next 12-14 years.   Check out the huge new gallery I just added to my new galleries and see a bunch of pictures of Hoober over the last month and he is awesome.  We went to an awesome dog park in Libertyville yesterday that I used to with Sabre and Hoober had an awesome time,  it is a fully fenced in Lake and forest with lot of sweet and nice Northshore dogs. This past Friday night I had a get together with my oldest friends in the world from my childhood,  it was an awesome night with some guys I have not seen in 25 years.   It was Gary, Brad, Rob, Steve, Greg, Burt, Eddie, Kris Kazian, Sol, Adam Blieberg, and Phil and Troy joined the fun.  It was an amazing night catching up and talking old times and hearing what everyone is up to.  The food was very good and we all drank and had a good time till late Friday night.  We are going to plan some future get togethers and work on expanding the list to wives and kids and other friends from growing up.  All in all it was a huge success and everyone had a very nice time.  Check out this full gallery of a fun night with old friends in the New Galleries along with Hoober. Some other small changes are I moved my office along with KY to that upstairs back of the bar,  something I wanted to do for a while but the situation was not ready.  I will be keeping semi normal working hours to get some new things going and work on some other projects.   I am also moving to a new place a couple blocks from the bar on Haddon that is really nice and more suited for my having a dog with just a few stairs and fenced in yard plus a huge deck.  Time to get work and personal life really organized along with me being on track at the gym working out 4-6 days a week with lots of running and walking Hoobers Well that is about it and I am not going to bore you with my movies and eating besides The Town was great and The American was boring and awful.

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