Ohhhh September!!!

Well the summer is coming to an end and I really wish it was not and could use a couple more months but I do like the more comfortable weather.  Things have been very busy and hectic of the last few weeks and I am totally in love with Hoober and he is the cutest best Lab Ever.  He has been with me almost everyday while I am out running errand or hanging at Lockdown and is really really good and super smart.   The potty training is going pretty good since he is in the crate or with me an I take him out all the time,  he does make some mistakes in the house but not too bad. The quick rundown for the last few weeks is a really a lot of hoober time including the beach and a couple dog parks and a bunch of trips to Humboldt Park.   I have been to a couple good dinners but nothing too notable and have been spending some time at Lockdown with Sol and PJ.  Couple BBQ's with the friends at Pete's, Sergio's and was at Danny's this past weekend.  Went out to visit Nicki and her kids with Hoober and had a really nice night catching up with them Hoober had fun with their dog and a old HS friend Carrie Miller stopped by to share some wine and talk about old and new times.  We have a big wedding coming up this Saturday for Jamie and Colin and I am sure it will be a drunken crazy one with the crew that will be there. Lockdown was voted the Best Burger, Best Fries and Best Late Night Dining today on Citysearch Best of 2010 and that is a huge deal for us.  We are launching a new and improved menu this weekend and the food is the best it has ever been and we are working getting it perfect and consistent.   Sunday Hoober is getting picked up by a trainer and going away for 10 days and I am looking forward to having a super perfect well behaved dog and no more Sabre's in my life even though he was the best dog ever.   Well that is it till next time and will post more pictures of the Pooch soon

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