Puppy, Costa Rica and more…

Well it has been an interesting busy couple weeks.   We have had more changes at Lockdown and things are getting very organized and much better in many way and the food is getting tweaked and and new simpler menu coming out 9/1.    I took a quick 3 night trip to Costa Rica with PJ and Mikey and we had a great time besides being a little too far for such a short trip.  We went to San Jose for 2 nights and just drank and ate and had a great time at night with a little jungle canopy tour one afternoon and.   The 3rd day we headed to Jaco to relax on the beach and chill out and ofcourse we went out and drank the night away. Sunday the 15th I drove to Cambria, WI to pick up little Hoober and he is so cute and actually pretty good even for a 8 week old puppy.  I am back in the thick of dog ownership and potty training and teaching not to bite and chew on things and no matter what I will have a great well behaved dog.  I bought Hoober from the same breeder as Eddie G and he is actually younger brother to Ed's dog Jordy.   I look forward to getting them together next week to hang out.   Some pictures of Costa Rica and Hoober are in my galleries.   I have had a couple great nights out with the friends and played poker at Pete's house and doing a few more things with them while Bill is in town Other than that is has been some work and getting things going,  I went to a great meeting with my dad at Score and got to listen to some awesome speakers.   All in all things are good and just looking forward to keeping the momentum going and hoping it cools off soon.

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