Puppy Time!!!!!

Ok so I have to start this post with the exciting news for the summer,  after almost 3 years of not owning a dog and missing Sabre very much after 13 great years with that crazy pooch, I have decided to get a puppy.   I drove 3 1/2 hours to Cambria, WI to pick out little hoober and he is so frickin cute and awesome,  I actually got him from the same parents as Eddie Garcia's dog Jordy so Hoober will have an older brother that he will get to see and play with and hopefully be as well behaved.  Speaking about be behaved,  I have made a promise to myself that I will do whatever it takes to have a perfect dog and he is not going to be anything like Sabre except cute.  I am going to pick him up Sunday 8/15 and I really can't wait to have a goofy cute puppy again but not looking forward to potty training and all the things I know go into owning and caring for a young dog. I have had a busy couple weeks between helping out at Lockdown and some other projects I have been working on.  After interviewing about 20 Chefs at PJ's building we narrowed it down to 3 final people and we met those 3 again with Sol and we decided on our new chef Janice Mancusi and she started about 10 days ago and things are going very well.  We have been busy doing tons of changes with getting things more organized and changing out some systems that were put in place early on.   Things are really starting to shape up at Lockdown and within a few more weeks we should be running better than ever and going to launch a major overhaul on the menu and cut  some things off and add some new items. Some Highlight of the last couple weeks was Friday the 30th I got to celebrate Eddie Garcia's 40th B-day that started out with a Surprise breakfast at Sarkis with his family and parents and sister and her kids plus myself.  After breakfast I drove him out to Pine Meadow to golf and was surprised there by Paul and Brian,  we had a great round with lots of Bloody Marys and beers and spent some time in the clubhouse afterwards hanging out.  We left Pine Meadow and headed back to Lockdown where Julie and Ed's 3 boys and Brian wife and his kids met us for dinner and plenty more drinking and we had a great time in the backyard with cake and our own small private party.  Great great day with some pictures going up in my new Galleries.   Last Saturday I drove out to Michigan City to visit Betsy and the kids at there yearly vacation spot and my Dad and Janice were there plus my cousin Miranda, Dola, Aunt Louie and Amani.  We went for lunch at the Tree House and hung out there for hours and let the kids play games and in the sand.  We then went back to the house the rent and relaxed and talked and Jeff made some great food as always and I headed home around 10:30 I have also been busy helping my mom and getting her condo rented out and ready.  Had a nice dinner out with Erin on Wednesday and tried Folklore for the 1st time and it was decent but not as good as Tango Sur.   Friday was a busy day with a meeting with a PR company followed by Lunch with Scottie G and PJ followed by a meeting with Sergey, Alex, KY and Brian and then I ran a ton of errands with PJ and Sol and grabbed a bite at J Alexanders and them somehow went back to Lockdown and hung out till 4am.  Yesterday had a nice late afternoon BBQ and Pete and Grace's with all the kids and had a nice evening there followed by checking out Lockdown for big UFC night that was crazy busy with 200+ people stuffing the bar and the backyard and even had 60 people out the doors on Cortez and Western watching through the doors. Well till next time.....

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