Chicago is way to Hot this year.

Is it me or do Chicago summers wear you out with so much to do and everyone seems to be on vacation. Time to run through the last week and half. Friday the 16th I went to dinner at the Chicago Firehouse followed by my 1st show at Charter One, I saw Chicago and the Doobie Brothers. The show was actually really good and my dad must have played tons of Chicago when I was a kid since I knew every song just like when I went to Mamma Mia and knew all the Abba songs... After the show we headed to Lockdown and boozed it pretty good and had a fun night.   The rest of the weekend I was hanging around Lockdown and keeping Sol company. I was pretty busy all week long with not much special going on and then started the weekend early with PJ on Thursday night. We went to the PAWS beach party at North Avenue beach and hung there for a little while followed by a good tourist night out that started with drinks at the Signature Room for a few hours and then we moved on to Dublin's and finished the night at the Zebra Lounge. Friday started with Cubs Game at 1pm with PJ, Jamie and Colin to start celebrating PJ and Jamie's 30th bday and it was the hottest day of the year and when I say hot it was like 100 and humid as hell. We left the Cubs game around the 6th inning and headed to LD to meet everyone and start celebrating more Bday fun, well it was a long ass night that ended at 2am and I had been doing it pretty good since 1pm. Saturday I took it easy since I had another B-Day in the evening and I headed to Wrigley around 7 and stopped by Lockdown for a couple drinks then met all my friends at Casey Moran's to celebrate Grace's 35th B-day with everyone. We had a great time on the rooftop hanging and we all left and stopped for a quick one at Rockwood then took the party to Lockdown and stayed till 3am eating and drinking and enjoying some great food and friends. Well that was about it for the fun. We had a full page article come out last week on the Summer Drink issue of Timeout Chicago and I was actually interviewed for a website call All-Swagga kinda cool....  That is it until next time!!!!!

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