Hot July

On a walk and decided to do a quick catch up. I was really busy last week packing up my mom and moving her to a new amazing fun place for independent living for seniors in Niles. The move went well and she is happy and settling in to her new home, the place has so many activities and things to keep her busy. I am very happy and think she is gonna do amazing and meet lots of great friends and stay busy. I was not crazy busy last week but had a really fun night that started with dinner at Mia Francesca's then went to route 66 and met the owner and did some shots and then ended up shooting pool at EZbar on division. Went to Katrina's wedding Saturday and had a blast, started at 3:30 at the Church on Logan followed by ohare intercontinental. Had a great fun late night till 5am and enjoyed catching up with the entire Solomon family and meeting some new people. Sunday was a small get together at Sergio's with the kids and the Grace's and Danny and Mary and the girls. Love all those kids:) Other than that I have been helping at Lockdown a bit and working on a few things. Till next time

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