Summer Mayhem

Wow I have been crazy the last couple weeks and have had no time to reflect or even try to remember what I have been up to. I am going to give a quick recap so I don't totally forget. I have been helping everyday at Lockdown and have had a crash course on how hard this business is and everyone that has said that was not lying. Lunches have been going well and getting busier and better and the online ordering has been great between Grubhub and our site. The food is getting better and better and Sol has been helping out with some much needed experience. I have been helping from doing deliveries to dishes to running to home depot with PJ to a zillion runs to restaurant depot. All fun and hard but also exciting learning something totally new. Ky is doing great with building out the online ordering system we plan on selling to other restaurants soon and we set up Village Pizza with a site and full online ordering. Ok enough work...... I have been super busy and drinking too much but also having fun. Quick rundown from what I can remember: Sergio put together a party at Casey Morans for Kate's 30th and we had a great time followed by a quick stop to Rockwood and then Pete, Grace and myself went to Lockdown for late snack of Mac & cheese plus burgers and some mussels. My dinner list the last week or so has been decent and in no particular order has been Perennial, Benny's Chop House, Sunda, Hub 51 and 33 On Wells plus a couple others. My sisters BFF was in town with a friend and we had a great night that started with dinner at LD with 4 bottles of my wine from house and Sol joined us for the last hour at LD then we moved onto The Violet Hour and somehow ended the night with scotch and chocolate Cake at gibsons wow crazy fun night. I am sure I am missing a lot but it has been crazy. Another big thing going on the last 3 weeks is I found the most amazing new place for my mom to live with some help from a friend. She is moving to The Park at Golf Mill and the place is awesome, it is like a cruise ship on land with so many activities and things going on each hour of every day. She is gonna have a blast and after 3 trips to check it out and me packing her condo up tomorrow she is moving in this Thursday and she is as excited as me. Well that is the quick catch up so I don't forget everything. Dining reviews coming soon from the last couple weeks. Till next time.


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