Summer Time

As per usual summer showed up in a hurry and we we straight to hot and humid with some shitty rain days between.   The last couple weeks I have been very busy with Lockdown and helping push a few new projects,  we are finally back open for lunch and doing deliveries from Grubhub and Andrew has added some awesome new menu items.   Most of my friends know me as more of work at my desk and put projects in motion and any of the heavy lifting these days I delegate to someone but the last couple weeks I have been old school hoob and really helping.  I have been running deliveries and grabbing items we are short on at Restaurant depot and cutting fries and cleaning and running to home depot etc... and it actually feels really good to get more involved and spend some time with PJ and feel the pain he has been feeling the last couple months.   My good friend Sol moved back from WA after being gone for many many years and he is staying with me for a bit while he gets things going and he is actually very experienced and working our lunches at LD and helping with some ideas for drinks and other good bar ideas. Outside of the bar I have not been crazy busy but I have found some time for a few dinners and activities.   I actually went to Zed451 twice in the last few weeks for brunch,  we took a Lockdown field trip two Sundays ago and enjoyed a great brunch and then I was there this past weekend for Fathers Day brunch.   I had a very scary night at Hub51 and as I was finishing a good fun dinner with a friend I got a horrible pain the the pit of my stomach and was in so much pain it totally took my breath away and was moments from going to the ER but decided to try to get home after calling a Dr friend who said if it is not gone by the time you get home that I should get to the ER,  well my friend drove me home and somehow the moment I got to my parking spot the pain dissipated within like 3 minutes and I was fine but very scary for my problem free body.   Couple other good meals were Elate at the Felix hotel which I really liked and chilled and ate and drank with Sol and PJ and had a nice night.   I also heard that Blue 13 was really good so I checked it out one night and it had potential but I was not crazy about the food,  the menu and everything was great but I think it was an off night and will have to go back.  Went to Music Without Borders and Millennium Park for the free Thursday night concert which was really cool and I should have listened to my dad earlier and started enjoying all the cool shows in the summer at M Park. This past weekend was a really crazy one and between helping out and few nights of late night drinking and a random trip to Majestic star Friday till 6am I am exhausted and need to get caught up on some sleep.  I also saw a very interesting play at Royal George called Killer Joe and I am not sure if I liked it,  it was actually very good and the acting was amazing and with so much feeling but I think I was just not ready for Bush and boners and screaming and gun shots after a weekend of no sleep but it was very interesting and very good but not sure I liked it =)   Well I think that is about it even though I am sure I missed a bunch of stuff...  Till next time

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