Summer BBQ’s

The last couple weeks have been pretty decent and have had a couple nice days with friends and lots of kids.   I got to enjoy a fun bbq at Sergio and Krista's house for Gabe's 1st birthday and we also celebrated Petesky's 42nd(wow my friends are getting old)  The day was perfect out and the kids played in the jumperoo thing while the adults drank and talked and enjoyed some great food.   Memorial day weekend Pete and Grace hosted another fun bbq and everyone was at that one plus even more kids,  Pete rented a huge jumparoo and set up the pool for the kids and it was another really nice day and we all enjoyed ourselves and Eddie and I stayed late and roasted marshmallows with Pete and Grace after everyone left. Sunday I went to Cubs game with Grace and a few of her friends on my buddy Marc's rooftop and had a fun time eating and drinking followed by another bbq at Pete's buddy Jim in Wheaton house since I drove Grace back to  the burbs. Not a ton exciting going on between the bbq's but we did have a great marketing weekend at the Do Division Street Fair,  we set up a vendor tent for marketing and we went through 1600 bags of free chip with Appetizer cards attached and gave away a total of 4400 free app cards.  I also set up a large wheel of fortune wheel with free gift cards and free Cubs Tickets and Itunes cards and bottle of Dark Lord and even some Ipod Shuffles to let people spin to win in exchange for Emails for our newsletter.  The weekend was a huge success and we had like 40 people come in with free app cards over the weekend.  Went to a couple nice dinners but nothing to crazy and really have been just trying to eat healthy and get some work done.   That is about it for now and I will write more soon and update more often....  Till next time

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