Charlotte here I come

I am heading to Charlotte, NC today for a trip with PJ to check it out,  our friend Jonathon has been talking about how great the city is and has been kind enough to let us use his house out there that is not used very often.  I have never been to NC or SC and looking forward to a little Southern hospitality and to see some places I have not seen.  So we are going to get away and see something new and maybe golf and eat and relax. The last week has been very busy and it started with last Friday going out with KY and Nicole to watch the Cavs game and had a nice time drinking Oberon and actually winning the bet I placed on the Cavs to make the game more interesting for me.   We watched the game at a Cleveland bar call Vaugn's on like Sheffield I think followed by some munchies and more beer at Red Brick on Irving and then we got into real trouble across the street at Blue Stem Martini Lounge,  kinda was a hole in the wall but hands down the best tasting most amazing Martini's I have ever had.  I am not a big Martini guy but these things were both tasty and lethal and i think we had Blueberry and Pear and Peach and finished the night with a dirty and they were all so so good.  Well after a full night of boozing you can imagine that Saturday was useless.  Sunday I went to Brunch at The Bagel with my mom followed by a nice walk and some shopping in Old Orchard and bought her a couple things.   Sunday night I went to Hub51 with my dad followed by the Blackhawks game in some amazing seats and we have a really nice time. Monday for Lunch I went with Nick to Wilmette to meet Danny whom I have not seen in over a year and we had a nice time catching up and working on some business ideas.   Tuesday night I actually went to a event at the Hotel Alegro for some dog deal that I thought was for PAWS but was just a book tour or something followed by dinner at a new place that I have not been 33 on Wells in Old Town.  Wednesday I took a cruise with Fatso and PJ to Munster Indiana to pick up 15 cases of Gumball Head and we had lunch at 3 Floyd's and after dropping PJ and Phil off I went home and got ready for dinner and to Meet my friend Ari Sagett.   I went to Ari's house and spent some time with his 17 Months old daughter Julliet that I had not seen since she was really a baby and then we headed to Hub51 for the second time this week.  After dinner with Ari I got a text from PJ that he and Mah were at Carmines and headed over there and somehow in a blink of an eye it was 2am. Well off to pack and head to Ohare.....  Till next time


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