Monday morning walk

Well it is Monday morning and I am getting back on my every day walking schedule. Good things always happen while I walk and think about things and in many ways it is my way to meditate and think about things and some of my best ideas come while walking. Last year about this time my idea of Mosaic Of Goodness came to me, one year later we are finally launching and going to some more good. It is funny as I walk and type this I think about how much I enjoy my blog and wish I started keeping a journal 25 years ago, I write these entries for me to keep track of my life to remember the small things and maybe to share a small part of my life to my kids some day. The truth is I hope nobody reads my boring posts 🙂 Well I just started week 3 of P90x and so far so good, I redid week 2 since Vegas screwed that week up and so far I feel great and like starting each day with it. I really happy The Petesky is doing it also and we continue to push eachother, I doubt that either of would have made it this far without the fear of letting the other one win the battle of will against eachother. Not much happend after Friday night late fun night, relaxed most of the weekend and saw a movie and took a huge walk to the Apple Store and the lake and read my book on the Ipad plus laid a few Bets while people watching at Oak Street beach. Oh and I watched the Mayweather fight Saturday night and can't wait to see Jim fight Manny. Till next time

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