May is here

May is finally here and what that means to me is summer and warm weather and time to take the top off the jeep. This is the time of year that all us chicagoans wait for and suffer all winter long for, time to get my daily walks going and I got my bike tuned up and ready to go. It's been a pretty busy couple of weeks, Went to a baptism for Pete and Grace's daughter Natalia and I became a god father for the 1st time and that was a huge honor from my great friends. Natalia is so cute and I have been over to their house a couple times since and both kids call me uncle Dave and right away ask to play with my iPad. Went to Vegas with Scottie G and PJ for a couple nights and had great time and ate some great meals that started with the Pink Taco then Nobu and we also ate at Wolfgang Puck's Cut. We won a little money the 1st night and then got our balls punched in the second night, overall fun trip and the new Hard Rock towed is really nice and Aria and the City Center are amazing. Last Sunday went to Three's Happiness to celebrate my dads b-day and enjoyed dim sum with him and Janice. I am still doing p90x and Pete and I are pushing each other via text and instant message daily and that seems to be keeping us motivated. Met everyone at Sylvie's on Irving last night to see Matts band Rock City 7 and they played a great show and we al l hung out there for a while and then about 9 of us headed over to Lockdown and we boozed some more and chowed down on some great late night grub. The new Chef Andrew is awesome and he brought us out a pork special appetizer and everyone ordered burgers and we all had some new Mac and cheese plus we had the TK special Mac with prosciutto and it was amazing. Grace has some kimchi on the side and was loving it mixed in her Mac and cheese, Krista asked PJ for some Guns and Roses and we all had a great time. Well that's it for now and as I always say, I am going to be posting more since I got my new Ipad 3G and I love it and actually wrote this whole post from it. Did some work on my video section and my developer redid it so it looks better and works great and converted more to YouTube with a simple pop up viewer, i plan to add more funny little clips. Till next time


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