Island Cow Eatery Sanibel

Island Cow Eatery 2163 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel FL (239) 472-0606 Got really lucky finding this gem while cruising around Sanibel Island on a cloudy day. We just happened to drive by and it looked and felt like a perfect place for a late lunch and it was more than perfect. We had a tall beer while we waited for our table and checked out the huge menu with tons of fish and crab and sandwiches and it was so large it was really hard to choose. After some help from the waitress I ordered the blackened Snapper and it was as good as she said and I also enjoyed a large bowl of mussels that were yummy in a very chunky tomato base. She recommended the fish tacos and they were kinda fishy and not very good but worth a try. The Tuna Melt was really good and tasted a few bites of that. This place needs another visit and I will make sure I get there again on my next trip out that way.

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