Rick, My brother from another

I am going to do a full post in a couple days but I wanted to take a minute to share what my really good friend Rick did for charity.  I have known Rick for many many years through business and over the phone and I was lucky to meet him in person for the 1st time on a trip to Miami about a year ago.  From the moment we hugged and said hello I knew we were kindred spirits and over the next few days I felt like I met my long lost brother.  Rick has been a stand up guy since the moment we started doing business together 15 years ago and I am so glad we finally met in person and I had another wonderful time with him in Houston for Halloween.  Rick shaved is beloved head of hair for charity and raised $2400 for such a great cause.  I just wanted to take a minute a share what a great person I think he is and I look forward to many years of getting together for visits and when I become an old Jewish man in Boca I hope to spend many days and nights drinking fine wine and sharing stories.  Love you Rick Rick Before Rick After

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