Summer please come soon

I am so ready for summer and to be able to walk outside and bike and get active and enjoy Chicago again.  I think the more years you suffer through Chicago winters the longer they feel.  I have not been super busy besides finally getting on a good workout schedule and trying to get healthier.  I have been getting to the gym by 8am for the last 2 weeks and I hope to continue,  the goal is not to stop at my desk since it always sucks me in and it is hard to pull myself away to get to the gym.  Next week I am going to get back to Bikram and make that a part of every weeks also. Let me try to do a quick catch up,  Have not been super social but have eaten a bunch of nice dinners and seen a couple movies.  Went to see From Paris with Love and I thought it was great and Travolta was cooler than ever and reminded me of how cool he was in Sword Fish,  also saw Valentines Day and I will have to say besides the cool cast the movie stunk.    Loved Avatar and saw it a second time with Lindsay and everyone should see it and Up in the Air was very good and also saw Shutter Island last night which was very good.  As far as dining goes,  Went to Aja, Roy's, Volo, Mixteco and Eve and a few others and some reviews will be in my dining section.  Had a great Valentines Day that was busy starting with Brunch then Ice Skating at Millennium Park followed by the movie Vday and then dinner. Lockdown has been steady and doing well with a great Cop Out movie promo night and plenty of fun stuff going on,  we have a new fuller menu coming out March 1st with 9 new burgers and some new veggie sandwiches and looking forward to warmer weather to come and get the garage doors open.  Well that is about it for now and more to come soon

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