December Catch Up

Mostly on my mind is getting ready for my big trip.   We leave today for 3 weeks of travel to India, Thailand and finish up Vietnam.  I am looking forward to seeing my family in Mumbai and spend  time eating Indian food and then chowing down on some Pad Thai and finish up the trip with lots of Pho. Time to catch up on the last few weeks and I have been busy with friends and parties and I am sure I am going to miss a lot of things i did.  Just checked and looks like I have to do the whole month and really and not sure what we did.  Ok well here it goes Took a trip to St Louis to see Betsy and Jeff and the kids and that was a really fun trip that was too short but a really nice time.  We opened up presents and played with Evan and Erin and had dinner.  We stayed at the Hilton down the street and came back for breakfast and then headed back to Chicago.   We had a holiday party at the Widler's house that night in Chicago and had a really nice time.  In the last few weeks we had some other get together.  We went to a holiday party at Pete and Graces and that was a blast with a DJ and dancing and a lot of fun.  We had a get together at Sergio and Krista's also that was a really fun night with all the kids hanging in the living room while the adults were drinking and eating in the kitchen. Took a photography bootcamp to learn my new Nikon Camera and learned a lot and realized how much i need to learn but I look forward to taking a ton of great pictures on the trip.  We also had a night out in Andersonville for dinner and Glog and that was a lot of fun and got really really drunk on hot wine and plenty of wine and i think some scotch. Miranda and Dola came in town and we had an Indian dinner feast at my dad's one night.  We had a really good time with Aunt Louie and Amani was running around and playing and we took lots of pictures and had a night night.  Christmas weekend was really busy and we headed out to the burbs for a nice time.  We had dinner at Lindsay's moms house with tons of her family there and had a nice night that went late with drinking and present opening.  I got tons of stuff from everyone and enjoyed my 1st Christmas stuff in years.  Next morning we woke up and did the other side of her family and it was another day of eating and enjoying. Well that is all I can remember and I am sure I left out quite a bit =(  Next post should be all about my travels.

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