3 Weeks of Recap UGH!!!!

I hate when I get so busy or lazy and I don't post as often as I should since it is very hard to remember everything that has gone on.  It has been 3 weeks and I have to look back and try to figure out exactly what I did,  half the reason I post is so I can remember everything that I have been up to and 3 weeks with my memory is very hard. Ok so the weekend of the 15th was not much going on besides I was forced to move to a new apartment.  I thought I would be on my place across from the bar for 2 years but the guy who owned the building ran into some problems and needed to sell so I worked with him and let him buy me out of my lease a couple months early.   I packed all week and the movers picked everything and moved me Saturday the 15th and that was pretty much the whole weekend.  Actually snuck in a dinner with Ray and Mellisa at Butterfly and went to Lockdown to show them the bar and hung out for a while with PJ and drank a little more.  Moved and unpacked the rest of the weekend. We were really busy the weekend of the 20th that started with Birthday dinner for Lindsay's mom at Gino's East in St Charles followed by a really fun night at Zanies at Pheasant Run seeing Kevin Neelan.  The night was really fun and we continued Saturday with Lunch at Atwood Cafe and the checking out the windows at Macy's and tried to see the parade but it was way to busy and we bailed right as it started.  Lindsay and I went to Heaven on Seven for some drinks while we waited for New Moon to start at 600 North Theater.  Sunday just chilled and went for brunch and took it easy. Well this past weekend is fresher in my head so I can recap Thanksgiving weekend much better.  We started with heading out to Milwaukee Wednesday night for an amazing steak dinner at Coerpers 5Oclock that was truly incredible and from there were headed to play Bingo at Potawatomi in Milwaukee and that was really fun.  I have not played since I was a kid and was really looking forward to it and it was fun and fast paced and had a great time.  Thanksgiving day we slept late and wasted most of the day till we went to Lindsay's cousins house for a really fun good Thanksgiving dinner with plenty of food and wine and we had an awesome time and stayed the night at Kim and Carls house.  Friday I was suppose to see my mom for lunch but she was not feeling great so we started the day with breakfast and followed by bloody mary's and beer all afternoon that led us to another really good steak dinner at a place in Pewaukee called Butler Inn and we headed back to Chicago after dinner.  Saturday we slept in and relaxed and made some Soup in the Vita mix after a long walk since the weather was amazing.  Saturday night we headed out West to Oakbrook for dinner at Kona Grill followed by meeting some friends and the Brick House in Downers Grove.  Sunday was pretty lazy day and went to my Dad's for dinner with Janice and him,  Janice made an amazing dinner and we looked at pics of their trip  to Italy and enjoyed a very nice night. Well I think I got most of it and I am sure I missed plenty,   Till Next time

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