70 degrees in November =)

There is nothing better than sunny blue skies and temperatures in the high 60s and low 70s in early November. We got really lucky to have atleast one more summer like weekend before the Chicago winter comes along. Last couple weeks have been fun and busy and I and Halloween weekend was fun. Friday night started with a great dinner at Marai and took it kinda easy since even though I already Halloween the previous Saturday in Houston we had made some plans for actual Halloween night. Saturday for Halloween we went to dinner at the Hopleaf and enjoyed some great beers and the food was really good and a nice start to the night with Ray and Mellisa. Since I was a black man the weekend before I decided to not go so crazy and I was a fireman with a long hose coming out of my pants and Lindsay was a Fire girl. After dinner we headed to meet some friends at Kinkade's and I have pretty much stayed away from this joint for 10 years and right away I remembered why but we had a fun time and got a little nutty and struggled for a Taxi to get home. Sunday we woke up and tried to find some place new for brunch and tried Tweet on Sheridan near Foster and waited around 90 minutes, kinda got screwed by the hot chocolate race. The food was really good but we definitely ordered the wrong things. I had a really busy week last week looking for a new place to live, I got screwed by the owner of the building deciding to sell the units before my lease was up and he lowered the price pretty good and sold all the units right away. I found a nice 3 bedroom a few blocks away near Chicago and Damen and I will be packing up this week and moving this weekend. I hate moving and I am trying to stay in the area to be close to Lockdown and I like the West Side over here. Friday night started with my sister coming in town to stay at my place for a fun Chicago weekend and we spent some time with her and showed her the bar and then we went to visit Pete and Grace at their house and spent some time with Antonio and Natalia before they went to sleep and had some beer and wine with John, Grace and Pete and some yummy apps followed by a game and headed home. Saturday morning headed to Evanston to walk around and enjoy the great weather, we went to LePeep for brunch and walked around followed by a couple hours at Old Orchard. By the way if you have not tried Frontera Fresca, you should try it when you are walking around Old Orchard. Saturday night some plans fell through with Eddie and Julie so Lindsay decided she was in the mood to drink and have some fun so we headed downtown to Hub51 and had some Delirium at the bar and hung out for like an hour before our 9pm reservation. Dinner was great and we took it slow with some more beer and wine then headed across the street to Rockit and went upstairs for a few more drinks. After Rockit as if it wasn't late enough we went to Carol's for a couple night caps and some country music. Sunday got started pretty early and grabbed some coffee and met Brett and Rathna and Maya at very cool place in Humbolt park call Treat, the food was really interesting and was a American menu with a Indian Flavor and some good Indian dishes. After Brunch we took a long walk downtown to the Apple store so I could get my phone fixed followed by dinner at PJ Clarks and we then saw Precious on our way home at City North theaters. Well as you can see I need a few days rest from our busy weekend but looks like I have to pack instead. Till next time

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