In the heart of Texas

Well I don't have much to catch up except for a fun weekend trip to Houston to visit some friends. We started off Thursday morning with a pretty early flight and PJ and I flew from Midway to Austin, we were in no hurry so it was a nice relaxing flight and when we got to Austin we grabbed a rental car. We ended up with a Red Mustang and it was pretty funny to be cruising around Austin in a Mustang. We stopped at Waffle house for lunch on the way to the hotel and then checked in and walked around the city and stopped for a couple beers at the Rio Grande near the hotel. After a few beers we went and got ready and drove out to Mike's house up in the hills out side Austin. We spent some time talking to Alison and Mike and hanging with cute Sagen followed by some drinks at Mike's guest house overlooking the valley and the sunset. We then went to a really nice dinner at a Italian place near his house and caught up about the ticket biz and travels and many many interesting things. After dinner we drove Mike home and PJ and I went out drinking at the Austin bars, we listened to live 80's music for a couple hours and then went to more of a clubby joint across the street till they closed at 2am. Friday morning we got rolling and headed out of Austin and started driving to Houston for our weekend with Marcus and Seth and Rick and Ronnie. We stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch on the way and chowed down on some good country breakfast. We got to our hotel in Sugarland TX and checked in and like 10 minutes later Marcus and the boys were all downstairs waiting for us. We headed back to see Marcus's house and Andrea and their kids and had some beers and hung out at his house for a while. We then went back to the hotel and I rested a bit and PJ and Seth and Rick went out for a few drinks and we all went to dinner around 8:30 at a Italian place right across from the hotel. Dinner was good and we were joined by LB and his wife and after dinner we all went to some loud bar around the corner that Derrick hooked us up with VIP section and bottle service and the whole nine yards. We spent a couple hours there and then we all headed home and chilled for a while and crashed. Saturday morning started around 11 with Bloody Marys and beer and then we all went for a cruise to find some stuff to do. Lots of idea were flying but we really never got anything going, later that day we went to see a movie to kill some time and then it was time to get ready for the Big Party at the Sterns. We took a cab to the party around 8:45 and we were all in costume and the night and the party was awesome. Marcus has a DJ and so much booze plus a couple chicks bar tending and Sumo suit and he even had a mechanical bull. We rocked and rolled till after 2am and the old guys were the last few standing out of around 100 people. Sunday I headed home and PJ flew for a few more days of R&R in Costa Rica Well that is about it for the last week or so and not much to report besides the trip to TX.... Till next time

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