Missing Summer already

The fall is here and the weather has been pretty gross and cold with lots of rain, the last 3 or 4 days have warmed up and the sun has been out but it sure seems like summer is long gone. The last couple weeks have been pretty busy and it starts with heading out to dinner at Sullivan's in Naperville with Brian to meet Jeff got a Iphone app meeting and dinner and I was again very impressed with what a great city Naperville is. Friday night I went to Cafe Iberico for a very good Tapas dinner with Lindsay and had a nice night. Saturday we had a local wedding that started at church near my old office on Logan and after the ceremony we had a few hours to kill so we went with some friends to have some drinks at the Widler's house and then headed over to reception at a cool art gallery on Ravenswood. We had a fun time and drank way too much wine and scotch followed by a few more at an Irish bar on Montrose. Sunday morning I was not feeling good and we went to breakfast and I had to get back in bed and sleep a bit longer. Later Sunday we made Chili and relaxed watching TV and taking it easy. The work week was pretty smooth and I went to Dinner with PJ Wednesday night at Bob San for some sushi followed by some drinks at the bar and we went back to his place to continue talking and drinking some tasty beers. Friday night I finally got to entertain my friends at my place and we had a wine party and it was a lot of fun. We made some apps and I bought some prosciutto and some yummy cheese, we cooked some bacon wrapped poppers and corn dip and Apricots with blue cheese and pecans. The night was a lot of fun and all 4 couples had a nice time, it was Danny and Mary, Pete and Grace and Sergio and Krista and us. Saturday night we had another nice couples night that was fun, we went to Rathna's house and had Home Made Pizza company pizza and apps followed by pumpkin carving and more drinking and a really nice night. Sunday was brunch at the Bongo Room with Lindsay's parents followed by the nature museum in Lincoln Park and a drive through some cool neighborhoods and a stop by my house and then dinner at Branch 27. Busy busy and heading to Austin and Houston this weekend that I am sure is going to end up with plenty of stories and fun pictures. Till next time

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