Summer is over and gone quickly

Let me see where to start, since my week days are pretty boring usually I will just fill in with the last couple weekends and anything else I can remember. Friday the 25th was a great dinner at a new Sushi place that opened up near Lindsay's and we decided to give it a try and boy oh boy were we surprised how good it was, the place is call Blue Ocean Sushi on Clark just South of Devon and I posted a review in my dining section and it was really awesome. Saturday started with Lunch followed by a Birthday party in Villa park for Mike and to see his new house. We planned on only going to visit till around 7 when everyone was suppose to go roller skating but it turned into a night of beer drinking and college drinking games. We started playing beer pong and then flippy cup and all of a sudden it was like 11:30 and the night was gone so we drove home. Sunday I had a sad day and had a 8:30 funeral for my Brother-in-Law Jeff's mom who had passed away Saturday morning. I picked up my mom and went to the service followed my the funeral and then to Barb's house for a short Shiva since Yom Kippur was starting. It was a very sad day but very interesting to hear Pauline and Ed's life together, I swear it could be an amazing book and movie. They were married when they were 16 and 18 and during the war they both plus Ed's sister with in Auschwitz camp together. There parents all died in the ghetto but amazingly Ed, Pauline and Helene all are survivors of the holocaust and the stories are incredible. Ed and Helen were married and together for over 60 years and they had the most loving cute relationship, the held hands and kissed all the time as if they were newly weds and there love and devotion was something to strive for. I could write a book myself on this but will leave off that it was a sad day and we celebrated the life of an amazing women. Monday night was break fast at my cousin Howard's and I brought the usual assorted Cheese Cake from JR's and this year we has a special guest appearance of my sister Betsy and my cute niece and nephew Erin and Evan. It was really nice catching up with the Hoffmans and my cousins and it was a nice family night. This past weekend we had a very busy fun time that started out with a great dinner at Le Colonial on Rush street, I had never been before but it was outstanding and I always knew I would love it but just never made it and I have posted that review as well. After dinner we went for drinks at the Sofitel Hotel on Chestnut and had a fun time there till 2am and then crashed out right to bed. Saturday we woke up and I was not feeling so well but went for a yummy breakfast at Janick's on Division followed by a lazy afternoon recovering and watching TV and sleeping. Saturday night was a fun one, I got some tickets to see Robin Williams at Rosemont theater and drove out to Gibson's for dinner followed by a super funny show put on by the great Robin williams. I always loved his stand up and of course his movies and it was just a hilarious funny show and guess what? the seats were awesome. Sunday started late with long walk through beautiful Humbolt Park and then a late lunch at Bin wine Cafe that started out a sunday boozing bender. I had a Bloody Mary Flight and Lindsay had a Mimosa flight and then we each did a Pinot Noir flight followed by a quick drop off if the cars and then headed over to the Hop Leaf in Andersonville and if you have never been there, I highly recommend visiting and trying some of the hundreds of great beers they serve. Well that was a long weekend that finished with ordering Pizza and watching Ghosts of Girlfriends past. Well that is it till next time

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