Janik’s Cafe Chicago

Janik's Cafe 2011 W Division St, Chicago 773-276-7930 www.janikscafe.com Janik's Cafe is a small cafe with outdoor seating that every summer day I walk by it is busy with people outside eating breakfast or lunch and I have always heard it was very good.  The other day a couple guys at my office ordered delivery and even though I didn't get anything could see how good it looked and they were both pleased.  We decided to give this place a try Saturday for brunch and I ordered the Crab Cake Benedict and also a Lox and Bagel.   Both things I had were very good and there were plenty of other things I would have liked to try.  My dining partner had a Breakfast burrito and it was just average but all in all the brunch was good and I will be going back.  It was also very interesting that they didn't have and waitstaff so it was more like Panera where you go order what you want at the counter and they deliver to your table which I think takes a little away from the enjoyment of going out and looking at a menu and ordering from your seats but hey it wasn't bad. t

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