Blue Ocean Chicago

Blue Ocean 4650 North Clark, Chicago 773-334-6288 No Website yet Blue Ocean is a very nice surprise for the uptown area and I had the pleasure of dining there on there second weekend open. The place is a very trendy and comfortable inside and not really what you expect in the neighborhood but for sure a great addition. The place was very clean and well decorated and half the place was more of an open spacious dining area and then the back half was more intimate and dark with candle light and very nice. The menu was extremely robust with tons of choices, I loved that they had like 7 types of tuna on the menu and they also served some very cool half rolls which is a great way to graze through dinner and get to try more things out. Looking through the menu I can say there was not one thing I was not interested in trying and I wish I could have eaten more but we did really good. The Sushi was really fresh and the pieces were the perfect size, not too big and not too small. They had plenty of interesting entrees from a few Fish dished to a few meat dishes. The menu would make any group happy , from extreme Sushi lover to the person who doesn't like fish, I think this is a winner for a date or group of friends. I look forward to the staff getting more polished and the kitchen to be a little quicker but you could tell they were way busier than expected so I don't fault them at all and the food and service was very good. They are BYOB for the next month or so and that is always nice to bring your own wine or beer but I think that will change once they get their liqueur license. All and all think I may have found one of my new top Sushi places in Chicago, I would rate this better than most of the very good places and a slight step down from the very very best but very close to the greats. I hope they keep up the high quality food and change and add to the menu over time, great little hidden spot near Clark and Lawrence and I can't wait to go back.

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